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Best Cricket Games For Android 2018

We all play Cricket games on PC but in 2018 so many cricket games launched for Android device so we all are confused that which is the best cricket game to play in our Android device. So, in this article, we discuss 3 best Cricket games for android 2018.

In 2018 so many cricket games and update launched for android but we all know some of the games are not that good for us. In this article, we provide 3 best cricket games for android 2018. But one cricket game is not launched in 2018 but they bring big 2018 update of this game for us. So, let's start with first cricket game.

1. World Cricket Championship 2

We all know that wcc2 is one of the best and next-generation cricket game for android. Every cricket lover has must try this cricket game at least one time. Of course this game almost 3 years but in 2018 the developer of this game bing us to big updates and features in this game. Wcc2 provide many different shots and bowling action that make a crazy for this game. You can also customize player in this and get more and more updates in future. Let's discuss some the most important features in this game.
World Cricket Championship 2
World Cricket Championship 2
Main Features Of This Game

140 batting animation and 14 bowling action
Rain/D/L method
Hot-Spot & Ultra Edge
Different Tournament
18 Different Internation Team
3d Visual
Different camera angle
English/Hindi Commentary
250+ animation
Drinks break
Nation Anthem

These are the some most important features of this game but we get more features in this game. So, Play this game and enjoy it and wait for the update to get more features in the future. To download this click here- Google Play

2. Real Cricket 18

Real Cricket 18 one of the biggest hits cricket game in 2018. We all play Nautilus company games they only bring cricket game us for our Android devices. But before 2018 they only developed 2d cricket games but in 2018 they provide one of the great and best 3d cricket game for us. In Real Cricket 18 we get so many features like 3d visuals, different camera angle and it's graphics with test match experience. In this game, we can play test match day/night. Rumors in going on that the first update in 2019 they bring Tour feature in this. We have already discussed it's featured in the previous article you check it out here. So let's discuss some important features of this game.
Real Cricket 18
Real Cricket 18
Main Features Of This Game-

Most innovative gameplay
We can choose a different time of a match
Hot-spot & Ultra edge
Rain & D/L Method
Real stadium
Pro camera
T20 League
Different Tournament
Test Match
You also get IPL Auction
Hindi/English Commentary

After reading this features you have already know that this game is very unique for us and the upcoming update is going to be big. So, what are waiting for download this game and play it right now? To download Real Cricket 18 click here- Google Play

3. World Cricket Battle

And our last best cricket games for android 2018 is World Cricket Battle. If you love to play cricket career then you must have to try this wcb because in this game we all get career mode this is the only cricket game we can play career mode with decent graphics. Now we can say decent graphics why? because this game graphics are not got every player of this game said. So, I say decent graphics but other features of this game is great like PvP you can play with your friend. This is the only cricket game we can play real-time matches with your friend. Let's discuss that features.
World Cricket Battle
World Cricket Battle
Main Features Of This Game-

My Career Mode
Multiplayer Mode
Rain And D/L Method
T20 League
Ultra Edge
Hindi/ English Commentary
Cheer Leaders
Dream XI Team Tournament (Paid)
Different Animation

So this the most important features of this game. If like career mode then you can download this game. To download this game click here- Google Play

In my opinion, this is Best Cricket Games For Android 2018. If I miss any games then lets us know in the comment box and what's your favorite cricket games in 2018.

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