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Tasty Town Brand New Android Game | Good Restaurant Game |

Brand new Tasty Town Restaurant game launched for Android. If you loved to play latest and Restaurant games then this game is for you.
Tasty Town
Tasty Town
Tasty Town is now launched Globally for our Android devices. It launched on 29th January 2019. Means it's a brand new game for us. It has already crossed 100,000 downloads all over the world and the game rating is amazing Tasty Town get 4.5 stars in Google Play.

Tasty Town game developed by Social Point. They already developed the game like World Chef, Dragon City, Monster Legends, Dragon Land and the latest one is Tasty Town. Tasty Town is basically a simulation game about dream Restaurant. Tasty Town is free to play but some items are purchasable. The total size of the game on Google Play is just 72 Mb. And it will increase later when the updates come in this game.
Best Restaurant Game For Android
Best Restaurant Game For Android
If you are not able to full fill real-life dream restaurant then this game will help you. Wait, not in real life but you can experience in this game. You can manage farm to kitchen to build your own restaurant. And you also able to cook delicious food to make your customer happy.

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So make sure you open the game time to time to get the update of your restaurant, and also get fresh farm food to do some cooking in your restaurant. If you are not able to play on the first time don't worry the game tutorial will help and make you easy on this game. So, if you have no idea how to run own restaurant? Then this game will help you.
Latest Restaurant Game
Latest Restaurant Game
You can also create and join in Chef Club with friends to complete events and get amazing rewards. That rewards will help you later in the game. The customer can order any dishes like Burger, Pizza, Sushi, Cake, and many more dishes. So, keep your eye on the game and deliver the order to the customer.

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It's not all about cooking you can also decorate your restaurant to attract more customer. And also get some features like deliver your order into a different place with Delivery Truck and get some special rewards and also you can expand your restaurant when you fell.
Build Your Dream Restaurant
Build Your Dream Restaurant
So, in my opinion, this game can be worthy of playing and time killer. If you like this game then download it from here- Google Play

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