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Alita: Battle Angle-The Game Launch For Android | APK | Requirements | Review | Size | More |

Alita: Battle Angle - The Game was launch for Android. So, we can download and play it now.

Alita Battle Angle The Game Apk
Alita Battle Angle The Game Apk
If you already watch latest Alita movie in the theater then you already know what is about the movie. But honestly, I can't watch the movie till now. But we can't the game of this movie which was launch recently. Yes, you heard it right Alita Battle Angle - The Game was launch for our Android device.
Alita Battle Angle game developed by Allstat Games company. It's launched on 10th March 2019 and its current app version is 1.0.9. Alita game is free to play but some items of the game will purchasable. It's a Role-Playing based game with full of Alita action. Before it's global launch Alita game was already in the Pre-Register section. If you already Pre-Registered this game then I hope that you have already download it. If not then don't worry we provide its apk at the end of the article.

Alita Battle Angle The Game Review
Alita Battle Angle The Game Review
The game size in Google Play is just 54Mb but maybe download later the game install. Alita has already cross 50,000+ download in just 2 days launch and the player of the game give this game 4.0 rating. which means it's a good game for us. Because most of the Movie game was not a that great game for us. But it's a good game to play. Now let's discuss it's features and mode.

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You get all the experience of Action, Emotion, Location, Weapons, and Characters from the Alita movie. We get characters like Alita, Cyborg Jacker Hug, and their friends in an effort to stop the power of forces of the factory. We can get both PvE and PVP mode in this Alita game. Which means we can play with our friends also. Like other Role-Playing game, we can Enhance and Upgrade your characters. So these are some highlighting features of the Alita game.
Alita Battle Angle The Game Features
Alita Battle Angle The Game Features


Overall it's a good game for us. If you already play it. Then let us know. But I will give this game 8/10 rating. So, what are you waiting for? download it now and enjoy the all-new Alita Battle Angle The Game.

To Download Alita: Battle Angle-The Game-Download Now

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