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FRAG Pro Shooter Launch Globally | Size | Requirement | Review | APK |

FRAG Pro Shooter launch for Android. You can download and play it now. But what we get in this game?

FRAG Pro Shooter
FRAG Pro Shooter
In our previous article, we have already discussed the Top 5 March Upcoming Games. And we include Frag Pro Shooter game also. So, now Frag Pro Shooter was launch for Android. We get this game Google Play. So, after this article, we all can play and enjoy it on our Android devices.

FRAG Pro Shooter launched on 5th March 2019 developed by Oh BiBi company. It's an Action plus shooting based game. In Google Play the game size is only 96Mb but it may download more extra data after the game open. Because the game graphics look so amazing. Offcource I will just download this game and after this article, I play the game.

We can also enjoy the game with FPS (First Person Shooting) Mode. Which is feel the gaming experience better. Till now FRAG Pro Shooter cross over +1Milion downloads and it gets 4.6 Rating on Google Play. Is not great for us? and most of the reviews are good.
FRAG Pro Shooter Features
FRAG Pro Shooter Features


The currents version of this game is 1.3.3. If you have Android 4.3 or above and with minimum 2 GB Ram then you can play the Frag Pro Shooter easily. You can also try this game on 1GB devices but I think it not run. I never try on the 1GB device so I can't be confirmed on it.


Real-Time Shooting

We can play against thousands of player in Real-Time 1Vs 1 Battle. Play and experience FPS mode with the auto shooting. Chance your characters between the battle And after dying you're another character will appear.

Build The Best Team

We can collect over 40 unique characters and build your Offensive, Defensive and balanced team to beat your enemy. Make sure to use the power of the character at the right time because every character has there own unique power. And we can also upgrade them at the next level.
FRAG Pro Shooter Characters
FRAG Pro Shooter Characters

Tips Of The Game

Join Club and create your own team and become famous. Every character has their strength and weakness. So, try them all to see which is best for you. Check out the daily mission and every miss to get the amazing rewards.


Overall it is a great game for us. In my opinion, I will give this game 9/10 rating because it's graphics and control and office FPS mode. What your rating of this game let us know.

To Download FRAG Pro Shooter-Download Now

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