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Gold Miner World Tour Game Launch | Review | Size | Requirements | APK | Rating |

Gold Miner World Tour game launch for Android. We can download and play it now on our Android devices.

Gold Miner World Tour
Gold Miner World Tour
If you love to play Arcade games. Then this game is for you because Gold Miner World Tour game has finally launched for our Android device. So, now we can download and play it. But wait before play we must read this full article about this game because without this we can't know anything about Gold Miner World Tour.

Gold Miner World Tour game globally launched on 9th March 2019. It's an Arcade based game developed by SENSPARK CO., LTD. They developed similar kinds of games before means Gold Mining games. The current game version is 1.0.2. But maybe update it soon because if you download this game then you can face so many bugs and sometimes games also crash. And in Google Play the game was cross over 10,000 plus download. The size of the game is only 85 MB. And it's free to play but some items will purchasable in the game.

Gold Miner World Tour Apk
Gold Miner World Tour Apk
We can also play this game in low-end devices so no need to worries about your device. Just download and play this. If you already read our article before we mention about this game that if you Pre-Register before it's launched then you will be rewarded. So, if you do that then download it now and get the rewards.

Features Of Gold Miner World Tour Game

It's a simple concept just dug out and mine the biggest gold veins in a gold rush. We can experience classic gameplay with a world tour. So, we can do so many things with gold mining. Just move your mine cart to the perfect position and launch your claw at the perfect movement to dig out the gold. We can dig with various carts, claws, ropes, and even pets. Also, we can also collect different characters of legendary cards which make the game more enjoyable

Gold Miner World Tour Features
Gold Miner World Tour Features
Play more than 200 hand-craft levels, spread across 12 distinct areas. Build and upgrade your cards which helps us to in the later. We can play also PvP Mode in this Gold Mine World Tour Game.


Lastly, it's a decent game for playing. If you love Gold Minings game then you can try it. So, I give this game 7/10 rating because it's a unique concept and decent gameplay.

To Download Gold Miner World Tour-Download Now

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