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The Royal Affairs | Brand New 2019 Role-Playing Game For Android | Review | APK |

The Royal Affairs a brand new Android Role-Playing game launch. You can download and play it now.

The Royal Affairs
The Royal Affairs
Reality Squared Games company launched his brand new role-playing game for Android that is The Royal Affairs. This game launched on 2nd March 2019 Globally means you can now download it and play it now. But wait what kind of game and it's size, requirements and any information to know. After reading this article you can know all the details about this game.

Reality Square Games company already games like Heroes Evolved, Stars Warship, Wasteland Ninja and many more. The Royal Affairs game size is only 147MB till now but it will be increased for a later update. This game has already crossed over 100,000 downloads on Google Play and this game gets 4.3 rating. It means this game was good for us. To play this game you have to Android 4.4 Os Version or above. This game free to play but some items in this game will be purchasable. And lastly, this game is totally online based game.
The Royal Affairs APK
The Royal Affairs APK

Features Of The Royal Affairs

Play With Many Beauties And Men Characters

We can get different beauties with different personality characters to play in this game. They can fall in love with you. You can choose your own beauties to give birth to the next generation. After that, we can grow and make the child into the adult.

Manage And Build Your Own Kingdom

Yes, you can build your own personal kingdom with knight, fearsome warriors, loyal servants. You can also manage your coins, money, food for the future uses. So make sure you take a good decision for your kingdom to become a king of kings.
2019 Android Role-Playing Game
2019 Android Role-Playing Game


After all these things start here after making your good and powerful kingdom then you can fight against your competitors in the world. You can test your strategy by playing PVE and PVP.

Overall it's a great game for us. If you love to play Role-Playing with strategy concept you love to play this The Royal Affairs game. I give this game a 7/10 rating because we play lots of game like this with this concept.

To Download The Royal Affairs-Download Now

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