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Top 5 March 2019 Upcoming Android Games+ Bonus Game | Pre-Register Now |

Top 5 March 2019 Upcoming Games for Android. You can Pre-Register now for this game.

Top 5 Upcoming March 2019 Android Games
Top 5 Upcoming March 2019 Android Games
We play lot's of android games but we always waiting for the new or upcoming games. What why we decided that every month we publish an article about upcoming games. So, we have already published Feb 2019 Upcoming Games Article. If you have not read till now then visit here-Top 5 Upcoming Games 2019 For Android | Pre-Register Now |. Most of the games are already launched for Android.

In this article, we also discuss the game features and we provide Pre-Register link to you. So, we never miss those games. But wait for one more surprise for you guys we discuss or provide you to bonus games at the end. So, read this full article for more details.

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5. Yami's Journey

Yami's Journey Apk
Yami's Journey Apk
Yami's Journey is our first game of this list. This game is developed by ONEMT company. This games based on Casual categories. So, if you love casual games then this game for you. It's cutest upcoming games for us.


Different Pets
Uncover Gold By Pet Walking With You
Build New Parks
Play With Your Pets
Participate In Pet League
Train Your Pets

And many more features we get in this game. There is no other information revealed by the ONEMT company. But I think the game size will be under 100Mb. What you guys think let us know?

To Pre-Register Yami's Journey-Download Now

4. Wonder Park Magic Rides

Wonder Park Magic Rides Apk
Wonder Park Magic Rides Apk
Our next game is Wonder Park Magic Rides. I know after this name we are already guessing that which categories game is this. Yes, you are right it's a simulation game developed by PIXOWL INC. company. You can build so many things in this game and also you manage your own park. No need to follow orders from others.


Build Rides
Build Many Things
Manage Your Park
Zombies Destruction
Craft Many Things
Entertain Your Visiter

These are the main features of this game. I know there lot's of things we do apart from this. So if you loved to play this kind of games then pre-register it now.

To Pre-Register Wonder Park Magic Rides-Download Now

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3. Warhammer

Warhammer Apk
Warhammer Apk
Our third game is Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest - Build Your Warband. Yes, this game name is so long. This game is developed by Tilting Points. It's a Strategy based game for us. I think this game size is a little bigger because after watching the game trailer the graphics of the game is great. And if you pr-register now then you will get exciting rewards after launched the game.


Collect Over 20 Daemons & 10 Warriors
Build Your Own Chaos
Attack Your Enemies
Work With Team Work
Devote Yourself To Chaos
Explore Warhammer Fantasy

So, these are the features we get in Warhammer game. If you like then Pre-Register it now for rewards that will help you in the game later.

To Pre-Register Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest-Download Now

2. BowMax

BowMax Apk
BowMax Apk
BowMax is our 2nd game in this list. This game is developed by PNIX. It's an Action based game but I think it's a shooting game because we get Bow to shot other players all around the world. This game can be a playable 3vs3 multiplayer game.


Easy To Play With Only One Finger
Over 20 Types Of Equipment
We Ger Weapons, Vehicles and Armor

I think this game size will be maximum 100-150 MB because this game is that big game for us and it may be playable in Horizontally.

To Pre-Register BOWMAX-Download Now

1. Evolution 2: Battle For Utopia

Evolution 2: Battle For Utopia Apk
Evolution 2: Battle For Utopia Apk
Finally, we got an action-packed shooting game in this list that is Evolution 2: Battle For Utopia. If you already play the previous part of the game then your wait is nearly over. It's an Action+Sci-Fi based game. Evolution 2 game developed by B.V. It's a high graphics game for us and the minimum size of the game will be over 400MB.


Tactical Gameplay
PvE Campaign
Cooperation Mode
Online Battle
Upgrade Base

It's a third person shooting game. It's a sequel game of previous Evolution game. If you love Shooting game then Pre-Register it now.

To Pre-Register Evolution 2-Download Now

Bonus Game- Frag Pro Shooter

Frag Pro Shooter Apk
Frag Pro Shooter Apk
And our bonus game is Frag Pro Shooter Game. Its' also a shooting game for us developed by Oh BiBi. If you play or watch gameplay of Fortnite then we get a little bit feeling of Fortnite after playing this game. Because the graphics of this game was amazing of course it's not a fully battle royal game for us. But we can play this game to survive in a different way.


Real-Time Team Duals
Assemble Team
First Person View
Upgrade Characters
Over 40 Unique Characters

Frag Pro Shooter is the only game that I have been waiting for so long because it's a shooting game and also in unique concept. Hope this Frag Pro Shooter is going to be a great game for us.

To Pre-Register Frag Pro Shooter-Download Now

So, these are the upcoming games of March 2019 for Android. All the games that we provide to you not confirmed the released date so it may launch or may not be launched in the month of March. So, pre-register now for those game that we have waiting for the play. So, see you soon in our April 2019 Upcoming Games.

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