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What In PUBG 0.13.0 Update | FPP And TPP | Deathmatch Mode | Full Features Information |

PUBG 0.13.0 Update With New Death Match Mode. And Many New Features To Come.

PUBG 0.13.0
PUBG 0.13.0
In our previous article, we have already discussed what we get in the latest 0.12.5 update. If you have not read that article then read it here. But in this article, we discuss the upcoming 0.13.0 update. After the Beta version of Call Of Duty Mobile launched after that many users start playing COD instant of PUBG. If you, not our Call Of Duty Mobile Review then read it now. So, that's why PUBG build continues interested of players to play.

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There are lot's of rumors going around about PUBG 0.13.0 but finally, the Chinese Beta was launched and we all know that what we expect in Global version of PUBG. But till now no dates were confirmed about this 0.13.0 update. I think this update was given on Google Play because in a previous patch update was given by Tencent. So, we expect this time on Google Play and the update size will be 400MB to 500MB. Let's discuss what we get in 0.13.0 update.

PUBG 0.13.0 Features
PUBG 0.13.0 Features

Features In 0.13.0

New Event Collection

Tencent tie-up with Godzilla Movie that's why we get brand new Godzilla event to play. In this event, we get Team Deathmatch which was 4vs4 Match in a particular area of a Map, and we also see the Space option with Godzilla Event.


After this update, we all can switch FPP mode to TPP and TPP mode to FPP just like Call Of Duty Mobile control.
PUBG New Mode
PUBG New Mode

Jump/Climb Separated Or Combine

In control, we can also Separate or Combine for Jump or Climb.

New Warehouse Mode

Just like Deathmatch Warehouse Mode will be added in this update. In which we can play Deathmatch 5vs5 or 4vs4 match in a particular area. It's not an event it's a brand new mode will be added in EvoGround Section or Arcade Mode.

Last Words

So, these are the features confirmed we get in next 0.13.0 update. Of course, it's not a that big update but it's decent update. After the COD launched these two game developer build more features for us. So, let's see what we get in COD Mobile upcoming update. So put the notification on.

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