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Dragon Ball Z Android Game | New Android Game | Evolution Z Gameplay Review | APK |

Evolution Z A Brand New Dragon Ball Z Android Game. 2019 Best Dragon Ball Z Android Game.

Dragon Ball Z Android Game
Dragon Ball Z Android Game
We have tried many games on our Andriod devices especially the Dragon Ball Z games. We know that there are only two or three Dragon Ball Z games are available in the Google Play Store. But we always searching for a new game. So, that's why we are here in this article we get a brand new Dragon Ball Z game. It's a totally different game for others. But when you search Dragon Ball Z on Google Play then the game was not showing the result because this game name is Evolution Z.

So, that's why we provide the game link at the end of this article we can download from there and we also provide gameplay review of Evolution Z. Evolution Z game developed by Sring05747, And also we not guaranteed that how many days this game is available on Play Store because it's a different game from other so we also provide the third party download link. If you are not able to download the game from Google Play then we can try the other link.

Evolution Z is free to play but items of this games are purchasable. But we have to play Online every time. Evolution Z is officially launched on 5th June 2019 and the last update is on 15th April 2019 which means after update there is no update are roll-out from the developer. Evolution Z cross over 50,000 downloads on google play and the game get only 3.7 ratings. Now you are thinking that it's getting so less rating and downloads it is because it's a totally new game and everyone is not familiar to the game so that's why we are reviewing this game.
Evolution Z
Evolution Z
The size of this game is only 162MB and you have to download more 36MB data after the game installs so you have to download 200MB to play the Evolution Z game. We have to play this game on vertically. So, let's discuss the game features.

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Evolution Z Features

Immersive Classic Storyline

Upgrade Or Awaken Of Your Favorite Dragon Ball Z Character

Unsealse The New Skills


Evolution Z Features

Last Words

So, these are the main features of this game. We can't play the game continuously because we have to wait if your energy is finished. We can also experience the old classic Dragon Ball Z storyline. But one thing which I was not like in this game that is we can't control the fight yes they fight automatically. We have to watch the fighting scenes no extra we can do. Overall it's a good game to play so I give this 6/10 Rating.

Evolution Z Google Play Link-Download Now

Evolution Z Third Party Link-Download Now

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Evolution Z Gameplay Review In Hindi

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