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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | First Impression | Gameplay | Review | APK |

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite First Game Impression. Everything You Should Need To Know About This Game.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
After a long wait finally, Niantic launched the much waited AR Android game for us. The game name is we all know very well Harry Potter: Wizards United. After Pokemon Go, this is the second most trending AR game. Now you download and play. In our previous Articlewe discuss the game confirmed launched to date and we also said that this game has released some region but guess what Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game is officially launched for every region. Which means we can play this game at any place.

Important Information

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game developed by non-other than our Pokemon Go Developer. Yes, you guess it right it's Niantic. This game full of Adventure with the Real-World location just like Pokemon GO game. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game officially launched on 22nd June 2019 and the game current version is 2.0.1. But if you read this article after some days you can also download the latest version of this game because we provide you to the latest version of this game link that links giving at the end of this article.

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Game Size

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Review
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Review
The game size is also impressive because we can download the full game just at 61MB. I was not surprised that after launched in just two days the game is already cross over 1Milions download in Google Play. Which were the amazing start of the game and I think it may be able to bit Pokemon Go if not but this game makes close to the Pokemon GO. It's free to play the online based game but you can also purchase game items which you can use in the game. 

How To Play

The game story inspired by J.K Rowling original stories. We get so many features like Real-World Location, Real Climate, Magical Artefacts, Creatures, People, and many more you can solve in this game. If you play Pokemon GO then no need to worry about this game because the concept of this game similar to the Pokemon Go and it's very easy to play if you know Harry Potter series very well. Just go out and explore the Harry Potter magical real world. You can also interact with other players.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite APK
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite APK
Overall it's an amazing game to play. But play this game not like crazy because it's a game, not life. So play the game and aware of your surroundings and don't do stupid things. Just play and look around your surrounding and be safe. That's it otherwise the game is awesome and I give 8/10 because we were not able to play with sitting at home. Just kidding I give 8 because it's very much similar to the Pokemon Go game.

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