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Top 8 Upcoming PUBG Features | You Should To Know These Features |

Top 8 Upcoming PUBG Mobile Features. You Should Know This Features Before Update Come.

Tencent always tries to bring us great features for us in PUBG Mobile and we also demand new features in the game. We all know that Tencent tests his new features in Chinese beta or in PC Pubg. After 0.13.0 update we expect more features to come because there are many rumors are going on that what we get in the 0.13.5 update. So, we are here to discuss some important and upcoming features we can get in PUBG Mobile next update. We collect only what features is already seen on Chinese Beta or PC PUBG.

Upcoming Features

Collab With MIB

If you play Chinese beta version then we can get this PUBG X MIB collab soon. Maybe this collab stat on 22nd June 2019. This collab is only for Chinese beta user because in Global version Godzilla event is running so we not get the two collabs at a single time.

Alien Mode

Alien Mode is also another feature we can expect for Chinese beta users but I do not expect these features because Tencent always tries their new features for the test but this Alien Mode not using for the test. So, this features is not included in the game. If these features came then it is only for Chinese beta user we do not expect to come on Global PUBG Version.
PUBG Upcoming Features
PUBG Upcoming Features

New RPG In TDM Mode

In Team Deathmatch Mode we get a brand new RPG in which we can fire with three bullets. But this RPG replace with M249. This feature is already tested on Chinese version so we can get this new RPG on Global version soon.

New Kills Effects

After killing we get new effects in the upcoming update. Kill effects is my best features in the upcoming update. There are many colors pops out when you kill some enemies.

These are the features is already testing on Chinese Beta version but there are also other features we can get on Global version. These are the features is already added on PC PUBG. So, we all know that when the Tencent add some features on PC then after that they add those features in Mobile also. So, Let's discuss what are features we get in PC PUBG.


Everyone is talking about this new Vehicle. BRDM 2 is not a tank but it's a more powerful Vehicle then other. We can call BRDM 2 by Flair Gun. BRDM 2 can run on both water and land and it's tyre never leak. BRDM 2 can capacity of four people.

Deagle Pistol

PUBG Deagle Pistol
PUBG Deagle Pistol
If you don't know about Deagle Pistol then play CS: GO game because it is the most powerful and dangerous pistol we have ever get in PUBG. It's damage 62 at one shot and removes level 3 helmet on two headshots. Then we can imagine that when the Tencent add this Pistol then what happens to the enemies.

Ledge Grabbing

PUBG Ledge Grab
PUBG Ledge Grab
These features make a very easy to climb and grabbing from one house to another. So, there is no need to do extra efforts just jump at the right place and grab the window ledge and enter the room easily.

Fuel Tank Blast

These features make the game more realistic because when you shot on fuel tank then it blasts and catches fire.

Last Words

These are the top 8 upcoming features we get in PUBG Mobile upcoming updates. What are your best features on this list? There is no confirmation by the Tencent that these features will be added or not. But we can be expected from the Tencent they may be more surprises for us.

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