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Dawn Of Isles | Launched | Review | Gameplay | APK |

Dawn Of Isles New Andriod Game. New NetEase Games. Dawn Of Isles Gameplay Review And APK.

Dawn Of Isles
Dawn Of Isles
NetEase Games is one of my favorite Android games developer because they always try to bring us a unique and different game for us. This time they launched Dawn Of Isles. So, in this article, we discuss and review this game. What we get from this new Android game. If you follow our website then you all already know about this game. If not then what are you waiting to allow our website notification for a future post and gaming update? But one thing is was very unhappy with this game.

As you already know Dawn Of Isles game developed by NetEase Games company. They already developed many games for us which are also the best games for Android. Dawn Of Isles is Survival or you May also called Role-Playing based game. Dawn Of Isles officially launched on 3rd June 2019. Yes, we are late to review this game because I was just trying this game. If I was happy then I will review any game as you know. So, why we are late. Anyways, the current version of this game is 1.0.3. The latest update just comes on 19th June 2019.

It's already cross 100,000 downloads on Google Play in just one month. The size of this game is almost 1.5GB which very big for this game. It's free to download but you may also purchase game items. The game graphics are also good. So, you must have a good device to play the game. It gets a 4.1 rating in Google Play which is good for any game.
Dawn Of Isles Features
Dawn Of Isles Features


Multiplayer Role-Playing

Craft, Gather Resources And Build

Fight With Enemies

Survive As Much You Can

Tame Pets

Save Your Sisters

Open World Adventure

Get Great Story

NetEase Games
NetEase Games
Overall it's a fun game to play. But now you all are thinking about why I was unhappy? because of the game size, yes a little bit higher then we expect and the update is also much bigger. But in another way, it's a good game for us. So, I gave 8/10 Rating after playing the game. What your rating after reading about this article let us know in the comment box.

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