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PUBG Mobile Season 9 Leaks | 0.14.0 Update | New Emotes | Skin | Angry Birds Collab |

PUBG Mobile 0.14. Update Season 9 Leaks With New Emotes, Pirate Lobby And Many More.

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0
PUBG Mobile 0.14.0
Tencent just drops her 0.13.5 update on her PUBG Mobile patch update. But now there are many leaks started to come from 0.14.0 update. So, in this article, you all know what we get in the 0.14.0 update. PUBG Mobile one of the most popular battle royal game for Android users. Everyone is interested in what comes in-game next update. So, many of the Website and YouTuber give you the proper information about it.

In her previous update means on 0.13.5 update. They add Season 7 with some new Skin, Emotes, and many new things but still, we face so many bugs in-game. So, we expect in 0.14.0 update the company fixed those issue because many users are said that they no need new features just remove the game lag.

Rumors Features In 0.14.0 Update

Pirate Lobby-

New Pirate Lobby on 0.14.0 Update. In this, we get a brand new lobby with some new Pirate Skin. In lobby our background the new Pirate skin was set. So we all are hoping Season 9 will be Pirate based.
PUBG Mobile New Infection Mode
PUBG Mobile New Infection Mode

New Zombie Infection Mode

In 0.14.0 update we get new Infection Mode. In this mode, we start with the normal player if zombies bite you in the game then you turn into zombies. Then you should try bites players in that matches. So, you will when the match. If one player survived at till the end then players team will be a win.

New Character

We get a new Character in Infection Mode. This Character name us Vector. We should purchase this character if you play with him. He reloads his gun fast compare to the normal character.

New Emotes

This Season 9 is based on the Pirate theme. So, most of the emotes are Pirate based.

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According to the leaks Angry Birds collab with PUBG Mobile because her New Angry Birds 2 movie release in Cinema soon. So, that's why they Promote his movie through PUBG Mobile. So, in this collab, we get new Angry Birds 2 Skin.
PUBG Mobile Season 9
PUBG Mobile Season 9

Last Words

So, these are the leaks of PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update. So, we expect so many new features in this upcoming update. If you know extra about from this update then let us know in the comment box. But Tencent not fixed this update date. If any details we get from this update then we will notify you through our article. So, make sure you get the Notification On.


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