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Best Pokemon 2019 Games For Mobile. You Must Try These Game.

Best 2019 Pokemon Games
Best 2019 Pokemon Games
Today everyone keeps searching some of the other game on Google, because the games we want to play, sometimes do not find the Google Play Store. So today we are going to tell you about two such best Pokemon games which exist in the Google Play store but the name of the game is not Pokémon. So that's why I request everyone to read this article completely so that all of you can download and play this game. Right now all of you must know about the Pokémon Masters game. But Pokemon Master is not able to support the game on a lot of user's phones. Because it has been developed for just 64 bit systems.

So I am going to tell you about these two games, the name of that game is Pet Star and Trainer Canyon. You can see that the name of these two games is different from Pokemon, so it is a bit difficult to search in Google Play. But don't take tension, I will provide a link to these two games to all of you. So that all of you can download these games directly from Google Play, but if the developer removes these two games from Google Play, then we have a solution for this. If the link of Google Play does not work, then you must make a try to download from another link.

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We did not provide all the details of these games because if we provide all the details then this article will be boring. But we provide much more details that we to know what we can do in these games. Let's start with our first Pokemon 2019 Games.
2019 Pokemon Games
2019 Pokemon Games

Pet Star

When you play this game, you will definitely remember GameBoy Classic Pokemon games.  Because this game concept is very much similar to the Old Gameboy Pokemon game. But it's a 3D based gameplay with all the pokemon. So, I hope this game is best for you guys those who searching 2019 best pokemon games. This game is developed by ROYAL FUN GAMES and it's still in Early Access so we may face many bugs by playing. The game is already available on Google Play Store. The game size is almost 300MB.
Pet Star Pokemon Game
Pet Star Pokemon Game


  • Various Pokemon
  • 3D Gameplay
  • Characters Customization
  • Story Mode
  • Build Guild
  • Protect Your Members
  • Upgrade Your Pokemon
  • Guild War
  • Make Your Own Pokemon Team
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So, these are the key features of Pokemon wait it's not a Pokemon. Yes, it's a Pet Star. So, overall it's a great game to play. And you all remember that it is an online-based game. You must have an internet connection to play this game and one good news is this game can playable with all the android devices. So, what are you waiting for download this best 2019 Pokemon game on your android? But wait before that read our second-best Pokemon game.
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Trainer Canyon

Trainer Canyon
Trainer Canyon
This game is also similar to the first game but in this game, you get a more content, storyline, and compare to our Pet Star game. One good news is this Trainer Canyon is officially launched for everyone. It's a Role-Playing based game for us. The size of this game is 270MB on Google Play and we no need to download extra additional data after installed. It gets 3.8 Rating on Google Play which is decent for this type of game. Let's talk about its features.


  • Hundred Of Pokemon With Different Style And Shape
  • Pokemon Evolution
  • Build Your Own Team
  • Real-Time PvP
  • Daily Activity
  • Great Gameplay Graphics
  • And Many More
Not only these we get more features in the game. This is one of my favorite Pokemon Game for 2019. I recommended to you that If you love to play Pokemon games then you must play this Trainer Canyon Pokemon Game.

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Last Words

These are the two Pokemon Games is the best game for 2019. Hope you may also beloved to play these games if you were not able to play Pokemon Masters game. I also play Pokemon Masters game but we also play both Pokemon games. There are also many Pokemon games are available in Google Play with different names. If we found then you get definitely get another article. So, stay tuned for that. Hope enjoy our article. If you like our article then allow our Top 10 Android Games Notification on. So, you never miss our next amazing article.

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