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Call Of Duty Mobile: Know All The Game Details Before Global Launch |

Call Of Duty Mobile: Get All The Game Details Before Global Launched.

Call Of Duty Mobile
Call Of Duty Mobile
We are playing lots of games nowadays. But we love to play some of those game. The most popular game in those days like PUBG, Garena Free Fire, Rules Of Survivals and many more. One thing will be noticed that most of the games are Battle Royal Or Survival Shooting Games. So many games industry try to focus on the battle royal or shooting games. That way a few days ago The most popular game of the PC is coming to our Android devices. The game is Call Of Duty Mobile. Activision finally announced it's Global Launched date. That's means we can play the game without using a VPN. Activision brings Call Of Duty Mobile games with Tencent. Tencent is also the developer of PUBG. So, we try to give all the important information in this article.

The game is on closed beta test and it will end on 1st Oct 2019. However, the game is already delayed for the launched. But we are all are happy when the developer post an official confirmation. The game is playable on both Android And iOS devices and it's free to play. The game is developed by Tencent's Timi Studio.

We get many features in Call Of Duty Mobile game just like PC and it will be a different game from PUBG. So, don't compare with other games. We get unique style gameplay with decent graphics. I play this game before so, I recognized that the graphics of the game was not great. But I hope the developer change the graphics in the global version. We can play classic Call Of Duty maps like-
  • Modern Warfare-Crash And Crossfire
  • Black Ops- Nuketown And Hijacked
and many more. We experience both First-Person and Third Person shooting.
Call Of Duty Mobile Release Date
Call Of Duty Mobile Release Date
We also get the most popular mode that is Battle Royal Mode this mode similar to the PUBG Battle Royal with some changes. We lay the Battle Royal with six different characters skill which is totally new in Battle Royal. Play with your friends and with global players in Solo, Duo and last Squad. Players are able to drive or fly a different vehicle like ATV, Helicopter, and Raft. So wait for the 1st Oct 2019 to play the game.

To Download Call Of Duty Mobile (If The Game Launched Then Click Here)-Download Now

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